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Видео: Renault Megane 2 / Scenic 2 - Removing the door card to fix Renault window regulator Ремонт автомобилей своими руками задние тормоза рено меган 2 замена задних тормозных колодок рено меган 2 видео

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Добро пожаловать на наш сайт - каталог видео о ремонте автомобилей любых марок: ВАЗ, Toyota, Geely, Nissan, Volvo, BMW, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Renault, BMW, Great Wall, Crysler, Ford, Citroen или любых других. С видео-материалом, представленном на нашем сайте, вы справитесь с любыми неисправностями без посторонней помощи. How to remove door card to fix faulty Renault Megane 2 or Scenic 2 window regulator.More info at Includes replacing module with a mini cubeIn this video, we show you how to remove the door card so you can get to the faulty regulator. You need to do this if there is a mechanical problem, such as a broken steel cable, or snapped clip. However, this is overkill if you know the problem is only with the regulator module or motor (ie if there are no noises when you try to operate the window)Please subscribe, to see our video of how to change the regulator module WITHOUT removing the whole door card.The problem:Irish TV's RTE Consumer Show's viewers alerted them to a problem in some of Renault cars' electric windows.The problem lies with the electric window regulators, which can fail and result in the windows spontaneously slipping open and the windows cannot be closed again. The fault can cost the car owner up to 500 euro per window to repair. One car owner featured on the programme, who has a Renault M?gane, has three windows that aren't working and faces paying 1,500 Euro to repair them.Problems may be experienced on any, or all, of the car's electric windows.The causeThe cause of failure can be of two types - mechanical or electrical.To determine which, listen for any noise or vibration whilst operating the window run switch.If the motor can be heard to be running, or attempting to turn, the fault is almost certainly mechanical.Otherwise, if there is no sound from the motor, or just a click from a relay, this indicates an electrical fault.If the window operates of its own accord, this indicates an electrical problem also.Typical mechanical faults are broken plastic clips and snapped steel cables.Precise diagnosis will normally entail visual inspection following removal of the complete door card.Pattern parts are readily available from numerous sources at very reasonable prices, but we do not supply these.Electric faults however, are almost always the result by moisture entering the 6-pin electronic control module on the electric window motor.Problems can also result if communication between this module and the car's computer becomes corrupted, and this can result in unexpected operation of the window..To obtain a new original motor module, however, the only option available is to buy a complete window regulator assembly, priced at several hundreds of pounds.The solutionIf the cause is electrical, an inexpensive and easy fix is to replace the original 6-pin Temic module with the QER "mini-cube" module, a simple plug-in replacement.The "mini-cube" does away with the troublesome electronics of the original, and isn't over-ridden by the car's computer, but still has full control of the window from the door switch.Unfortunately, there is no "one-touch" function, or "anti-pinch" feature, and the windows can only be operated from the normal window run switches, not by remote control.On the cabriolet, the automatic window roll-down feature when operating the roof is also lostOwners wanting to retain these features should contact us, as we normally have some repaired original 6-pin Temic modules available from stock.The "mini-cube" is a one inch cube, fully encapsulated, and therefore waterproof, unlike the original.To guard against the unlikely event of a fault, the mini cube circuit includes a self-resetting fuse that prevents the motor from overheating.It can be used to replace the 6-pin Temic module used on any of the Renault Megane 2 / Scenic 2 windows.More info at Чтобы вы не собирались починить или заменить: двигатель, подвеску, тормоза, диски, бампер, сцепление, двери, крышку багажника, ступичные подшипники, тормозные колодки, салонный фильтр,обшивку салона, топливный фильтр, карбюратор, распределитель зажигания, амортизаторы, передние стойки, подшипники стоек, сайлентблоки или просто масло в двигателе; видео-уроки на нашем сайте вам обязательно пригодятся. Приятного просмотра!


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