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Ремонт автомобиля (видео): Ремонт стиральной машины Siemens - замена манжеты люка ремонт стиральной машины канди замена манжета люка своими руками видео

Автор: admin от 21-07-2013, 15:21
Если вы попали на наш сайт, значит вы интересуетесь ремонтом автомобилей, их тюнингом, покраской, заменой тех или иных запчастей или любыми другими работами, связанными с устранением поломок автомобилей. Предлагаем вам посмотреть данное видео, оно обязательно окажется полезным для вас! Манжета -- уплотнительная резина круглой формы по диаметру загрузочного люка. Необходима для соединения передней стенки стиральной машины с баком.Манжета люка часто выходит из стройя из-за физического воздействия на нее или от времени.На видео видно, что на более чем свежей стиральной машине Siemens - очень изношенная манжета, что приводит к утечке воды. The reasons of leakings in washing machine Siemens there can be a huge set. It and drain, jellied hoses, both the drain pump, and a tank, but often enough reason of a leaking is not that other, as a hatch cuff in the washing machine. Infringement of tightness of a cuff can occur because of sharp alien subjects which, getting to a drum from clothes pockets, pierce or cut a sealing elastic band, considerably reducing thereby car opposition to water. In case of the torn cuff, the car starts to leak around the loading hatch. Therefore, to avoid a serious flood, it is necessary to replace not tight sealant with a new similar cuff. And how to make this repair, experts-advisers of our service center will prompt. And the algorithm of repair work will look as follows: 1. We remove the top cover of washing unit Samsung by untwisting of two screws by a cross-shaped screw-driver in the top part of a back wall of the washing machine.2. We dismantle the washing machine control panel, also turning off a cross-shaped screw-driver fixing screws.3. We remove the bottom decorative lath which closes the drain filter.4. We release a door cuff, to be exact its forward part. For this purpose it will be necessary to remove a clamping spring which settles down on all perimeter of a loading aperture. For spring removal, the spring is required to be stretched. 5. We remove a cuff from a forward wall of washing unit Samsung.6. We remove a spring which presses a cuff of a door of the hatch directly to the tank of the washing machine. Here in certain cases it is necessary to remove forward counterbalances.By and large dismantle of a cuff of the hatch of washing machine Samsung is ended. Now it is necessary to establish a new cuff to the place of the old. For installation of a new sealant of the hatch of washing machine Samsung it is necessary to adhere to return algorithm of action which have been made for extraction of the cuff which have lost the tightness.When the cuff is established, necessary quality check of the made work. In these purposes it is necessary to start any mode of washing and to check up the car near the loading hatch leaks or not.Establishing a new cuff of the hatch of a door, it is necessary to watch that the clamping spring well fixed a sealant. If this moment not to track, bycicle probability of occurrence of repeated leakings.One more moment. If leakings in the washing machine have arisen because of the torn cuff never it is necessary to try to stick or close up with something a sealant. It is all it will be useless. After all the cuff at washing machine work all time is deformed -- that is compressed, is stretched. It doesn't have fixed position. Therefore something to eliminate a leaking because of a sealant, without replacing a hatch cuff, it will not turn out. Hot water, constant deformation, linen influence -- all it "will loosen" the stuck site. Какую бы машины вы не собирались бы починить, будь то отечественный автомобиль, например ВАЗ, ГАЗ, или иномарка, такая как Ауди, БМВ, Опель, Форд, Пежо, Ситроен, Ниссан, Митсубиси или любая другая, на нашем сайте вы найдете необходимую вам информацию.


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