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Видео ремонт автомобиля онлайн: 2001 Mercedes S430 Suspension Airmatic Pump Leak Problem probleme airmatic rus

Автор: admin от 11-02-2013, 02:33
Если вы зашли на наш сайт, значит у вас какие-то вопросы о ремонте вашего автомобиля своими руками или вопросы по его эксплуатации. И здесь вы обязательно найдете ответы на свои вопросы. Mercedes Benz Service Inspection on a 2001 Mercedes S430. All mechanical, collision, and frame work is done here at 14857 Burbank Blvd. Van Nuys, Ca. 91411. Call for your Mercedes service needs and repairs (818) 989-6028. No job is too big or too small. Serving the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area since 1975 www.blvdautorepair.com Mercedes Benz repairs for the internet generation done here.Mercedes and Smart Car service and repair in Van Nuys, Ca? With over 38 years in the business, Boulevard Auto Repair, Inc is one of the largest and most experienced Mercedes and Smart Car service dealers in Los Angeles. Boulevard Auto Repair is a name you can trust for all your Mercedes and Smart Car service and repair in Van Nuys, Ca. And at Boulevard Auto Repair you'll always receive outstanding customer service from an experienced and certified team of professionals. Boulevard Auto Repair provides Mercedes and Smart Car service and repair in Van Nuys, Ca to all Mercedes and Smart Car model vehicles. Boulevard Auto Repair can service Sprinter trucks as well. Boulevard Auto Repair specializes in various German car repair services from alignments and computer diagnostics to prepurchase inspections, car maintenance, paint jobs, body and collision repair work, and frame repair. Boulevard Auto Repair also carries a large stock of nearly any Mercedes part you need to service or repair your Mercedes in Van Nuys, Ca. Some of the parts sold by Boulevard Auto Repair include: Maintenace items such as: batteries, oil filters, air filters, and other Mercedes parts.Visit Boulevard Auto Repair's website at www.blvdautorepair.com to view a complete list of all our Mercedes and Smart Car service and repair testimonials in Van Nuys, Ca. as well as some helpful maintenance tips for your cars. Also, ask us about our used car inventory. Look for Boulevard Auto Repair, Inc. on Facebook and "like" us, and become a subscriber to our free youtube account today! Our Contact InformationPhone : (818) 989-6028Website : : boulevardautorepair1@gmail.comAddress : 14857 Burbank Blvd. Van Nuys, Ca. 91411Get Social with Boulevard Auto Repair, Inc.Facebook : : demonstration of where the airmatic air pump suspension leak was. Customer had bought his own pump from an aftermarket company. The 40amp airmatic pump fuse was constantly blowing because the airpump was getting hot from the leaking assembly hose that was attached directly to the pump that he bought. We compared his aftermarket pump with a new Mercedes unit and found that his aftermarket pump had the outdated and LEAKING air supply hose on it. Updated MBZ part number for the airpump hose is shown on this video. We installed the "NEW STYLE" MBZ hose from the dealer, on the aftermarket pump, and the 40amp fuse stopped blowing up. The leak was at the hose of? the pump. There were NO OTHER LEAKS at the shocks, or any where else. We replaced the leaking "old style" AIR pump hose, the air pump continued to work the way it should, the red airmatic light stopped coming on, and the car was? fixed. End of story. VIDEO DISCLAIMER: Airmatic Suspension related air leaks CAN occur at several different places on S- Class 220 cars. This video demonstrates ONLY ONE of the many possibilities where air suspension leaks can occur. Please take your car to a qualified MBZ repair shop, if you want to resolve your suspension air leak issue without guessing, or arm chair quarterbacking this type of repair. Надеемся, что этот видео материал помог вам разобраться с тем, как выполнить ту или иную операцию по ремонту вашего автомобиля своими руками.


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